There's a new way to learn

Discover the recipe for learning

Transform your learning efficiency with our ultra-practical learning system. The world’s first dedicated program to training self-regulated higher-order learning skills. Suitable for students and professionals.

Made for busy people

You only need to find an extra 20 minutes per week to improve. Gradually upgrade your methods piece-by-piece.

More control. Less stress.

Personalise your learning system to get consistent results with less uncertainty.

Learning your brain’s way

Feel like you’re fighting your memory? Tailor your system to how the human brain likes to learn.

There's a new way to learn

Discover the recipe for learning

Transform your learning efficiency with our ultra-practical learning system. The world’s first dedicated program to training self-regulated higher-order learning skills. Suitable for students and professionals.

Made for busy people

You only need to find an extra 20 mins per week to improve. Gradually upgrade your methods piece-by-piece.

Better Results, Less Stress

Personalise your learning system to get consistent results with less uncertainty.

Learning your brain’s way

Feel like you’re fighting your memory? Tailor your system to how the human brain likes to learn.

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Create a bulletproof learning system

Doctor, researcher, certified teacher and learning coach Dr Justin Sung distils his decade of experience teaching people to learn hyper-efficiently.

Train your memory and learning speed

Less is more. Dr Justin breaks down how you can build an efficient learning system step-by-step. Improve your retention and depth of knowledge.

Boost your motivation and confidence

Learning skills aren’t everything. Dr Justin shares his morning-to-night productivity techniques. Learn to grow your motivation so you can tackle any task.

Perfect your time management

Dr Justin reveals the suite of time management techniques he used to work and study 100+ hours a week for years. Reduce procrastination and prevent burnout!

how does it work?

Dr Justin explains how the course is designed and what makes it so unique.

What are we about?

Watch Dr Justin Sung, our Head of Learning, talk about our work in his TEDx talk that rocketed to the top 1% of most-viewed TEDx videos in just one month.

Our expertise is featured by...

Level up how you learn

Learn the techniques step-by-step

Learning isn’t just about IQ and effort. Train to use the methods of the world’s top learners. We make it achievable with our step-by-step training program.

Diagnose your current system

Kick off with a deep assessment of your current system. Map your strengths and weaknesses across 4 dimensions (deep processing, active learning, retrieval, mindset).

Rapidly fill your learning toolkit

Start with a bang with a full suite of high-yield techniques. Equip yourself with every fundamental technique you need to become a more effective learner.

Take down procrastination

You can’t learn new skills if you never practice! In the earliest lessons, we teach you a hand-picked set of easy methods to manage your time and reduce procrastination.

Improve your motivation

Who loves doing something they don’t like? Learn how certain ways of practising, goal-setting and learning affect motivation and enjoyment.

Fine-tune your techniques

Take your learning to new heights. Learn how you can boost retention and depth of knowledge using principles of cognitive architecture.

Learn more from every mistake

Getting better means making mistakes. Our version of the famous Kolb’s experiential cycle puts your rate of improvement into hyperdrive.

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How to Supercharge Your Spaced Repetition & Active Recall (Anki Flashcards)

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How to Improve Your Memory and Forget Less at School or University

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Take the first step in your learning journey with our free, 90-minute live webinar. Learn the do’s and don’ts of top learners, according to the latest research.

Dates: April 20 and 21, 2023

Structured for busy students.

Work through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your study skills through in-depth video lessons, study exercises, and feedback sessions. Everything is in one place and organised to give you the smoothest, fastest and most unforgettable learning experience to become your year’s top student.

20 Minutes a Day Plan

First 1 to 2 Weeks: Fundamentals

Cover all the bases quickly. In this stage, Dr Justin will teach you critical skills for exam execution, note-taking, in-class technique, memorisation, study scheduling and revision technique. You’ll also have a video call with your mentor to make sure you get the most out of this course. Most students see a 10 to 15% increase in efficiency by the end of this stage.

Justin introduction

Introduction and “SIR”

Dr Justin welcomes you to the course and teaches you about spacing, interleaving and retrieval, three fundamental rules for studying.
All Study
Justin explains the problem with studying

The Problem with Studying

Dr Justin reveals why studying with conventional techniques is almost mathematically impossible to achieve well with, except for a lucky few.
Justin explains marginal gains

Marginal Gains

Dr Justin explains the concept of marginal gains and how savvy students can use this to get top grades much more consistently than other students.
Justin explains exam technique

Exam Technique

Dr Justin gives strategies for reducing silly mistakes and performing consistently in exams.
Justin explains in-class techniques

In-Class Techniques

Dr Justin teaches how to think and process information during a fast-paced class or lecture.
Example of note-taking


Dr Justin teaches you the principles behind efficient note-taking and why so many common techniques fail at high levels.
All Study
Justin explaining study scheduling

Basic Study Scheduling

Dr Justin explains how to create simple and effective study and revision schedules you can actually follow, long-term.
Time Mgmt
Justin explaining revision techniques

Basics of Good Revision

Dr Justin teaches three simple but powerful guidelines you can use straight away to revise better and safeguard against tricky exams.
Justin teaches rote-learning and mass memorisation

Rote-Learning and Memorisation

Rote-learning is a necessary evil in modern education. Dr Justin teaches a scientifically smarter way to rote-learn instead of pure repetition.

Next 1 Week: Briefing

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Learn how the rest of the course is structured and how it gradually transforms your study and time management habits into high-performing heavy hitters. Dr Justin will teach you the crucial behaviours that drive growth and the common mistakes that cause students to plateau or fail. We expect a 5 to 10% increase in efficiency by the end of this stage. These lessons also significantly influence how easily you will learn advanced techniques later in the course.

Justin explains the course  structure

Course Structure

Dr Justin outlines the 5-part journey that we’ll travel together to remove academic and productivity barriers.
Justin explains Kolb's

Right vs Wrong Way to Practice

Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. Dr Justin explains how the method you use to practise has enormous consequences.
gear check

Gear Check

In this series of lessons, Dr Justin covers essential do’s and don’ts to reduce distractions and immediately boost high-quality studying speed.
All Study

Learning Contract and Dunning-Kruger

You’ll finish the briefing with a personal commitment to improvement and learn how the famous “Dunning-Kruger” effect prevents high-performing students from getting the final grades they wanted.

Next 2 to 3 Weeks: Technique Training

We’re gearing up to start learning some of the advanced techniques that make Dr Justin’s system so powerful. He’ll guide you through various exercises to deliberately use some of the biological tendencies of your brain to improve your retention and recall. On top of being techniques that you can use straight away for immediate results, these techniques also form a second-level foundation for more advanced strategies that Dr Justin builds on later. Most students will see a 30 to 70% increase in efficiency after this stage, depending on their prior baseline.

Justin explains cave theory

Cave Theory

Dr Justin explains how the way we are taught to study in school uses an incredibly limited portion of our brain, and by knowing what our brain adapted to be good at, we can completely change our approach to learning.
All Study
Justin explains how to hack your memory

Forgetting and Memory

Dr Justin does a deep dive on why we forget some things and retain others, and how you can manipulate this any time you study to improve your memory.
Snippet of survive and thrive

Survive and Thrive

Dr Justin extends the cave theory and teaches techniques that immediately improve your ability to learn and use new information to solve questions.
All Study
Justin explaining inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-Based Learning

Dr Justin teaches his unique, self-facilitated variation of inquiry-based learning that trains your brain to find learning large or complex topics easier, more natural and even more fun!
All Study
Justin explaining order control learning

Order Control

Dr Justin teaches one of his most important strategies for deconstructing difficult topics and learning them rapidly and to ultra-high depth.
All Study
Justin explaining unlearning


We take a break from new studying techniques as Dr Justin teaches about “unlearning” and why many call it the most important skill you need to succeed.
Justin explains scheduling basics

Scheduling Better and Prioritisation

Dr Justin advances the skills you learned in the previous stages with some more advanced tips to make scheduling easier and more flexible.
Time Mgmt
Justin teaches how to stop procrastinating


Dr Justin explores why you procrastinate and why common solutions are doomed to fail, introducing some more effective alternatives instead.
Time Mgmt
Justin explains the BEDS-M framework to reduce distractions


Dr Justin teaches his distraction-removal and focus creation checklist for you to use any time you study.
Justin explains loss aversion


Dr Justin explains the surprising psychology behind how we make decisions and why failing to counter “loss-aversion” causes even top students to fall short.

Next 1 to 2 Weeks: Ascent Stage 1

Dr Justin teaches the well-known “Bear Hunter System” for studying, an advanced method of processing information and writing notes that allows him and his students to achieve top 1% marks without endless grinding and repetition. Properly using this technique is nearly impossible without strong fundamentals. By the end of this stage, most students report a 20% increase in efficiency.

Justin introduces the bear hunter system

Bear Hunter System Step 1: Aim

In this lesson, we upgrade our inquiry-based learning skills into the “aim” technique that helps any studying afterwards feel more deeply connected and naturally more memorable.
All Study
Justin covers the main issues with question quality

Aim – Question Quality and Barriers

Dr Justin refines the quality of your “aim” step with nuanced details and subtle tricks.
Example of the aim step

Aim Examples for Different Subjects

Dr Justin does step-by-step walkthroughs for all common subjects across a range of international and Australasian curriculum to show how the techniques can be applied.
Justin explaining distractions


Dr Justin introduces the concept of “cognitive switching penalty” and how avoiding it can improve our concentration and flow.
Justin explains focus

Maintaining Focus

Dr Justin teaches you four of his favourite strategies to immediately create a focus zone whenever and wherever you need.

Next 2 Weeks: Ascent Stage 2

Carry your aim into the “shoot” step with powerful note-taking techniques and subject-specific examples. By the end of this stage, most students report a 40 to 70% increase in efficiency. This stage is where students typically see the greatest jump in efficiency as all of the techniques in previous stages start coming together in a more fluid and cohesive system – the hallmark of a higher-level learner.

Justin introduces the second shoot step of the BHS

Bear Hunter System Step 2: Shoot

Dr Justin teaches a specific method of note-taking that increases your ability to do high-quality inquiry based learning, while reducing note-taking time.
Effective note taking principles

Principles of Effective Note-Taking

Dr Justin teaches the VPReF-Re checklist to evaluate any note-taking technique, breaking down different methods and their effectiveness.
Mindmaps and chunking

Mindmaps and Chunking

Dr Justin reveals how this surprisingly technical skill is used completely incorrectly by almost all students and how correct mindmapping makes studying easier for any student.
Shoot examples

Shoot Examples

Dr Justin does step-by-step demonstrations of how to use “Shoot” note-taking for common subjects in international and Australasian curriculums.
Layers of learning

Layers of Learning

Dr Justin teaches you about the four layers of learning and how they can help you systemise the way you listen, read, revise and write notes.
All Study
Justin explains how to overcome barriers to effective note taking

Barriers for Shooting

Dr Justin refines your note-taking technique with subtle tips and tricks and how to overcome common mistakes that hold students back.

Next 1 to 3 Weeks: Ascent Stage 3

Finish your first high-efficiency system by learning the critical “skin” step with the help of subject-specific examples. By the end of this stage, you’ll feel much more confident about your studying process and be working to refine and personalise it into the advanced stages. Students typically report a 30 to 50% increase in efficiency after Ascent 3.

Justin introduces skin to BHS

Bear Hunter System Step 3: Skin

Dr Justin teaches the crucial final step to the Bear Hunter system, taking an already efficient studying system into a top-scoring powerhouse.
All Study
Justin teaches advanced chunking


Dr Justin teaches about advanced applications of chunking, stated by some researchers as the most important skill to learn complex topics.
Justin teaches his famous GRINDE-map in detail


Dr Justin teaches his famous mindmap checklist to elevate your note-taking skills to a top level that very few students ever reach.
Justin demonstrates efficient studying

Skin Examples

Dr Justin does step-by-step demonstrations of how to use “Skin” for common subjects in international and Australasian curriculums.

Next 3 to 6 Weeks: Base Camp

Put “aim”, “shoot”, and “skin” into a fluent, cohesive system, as well as developing some key mindsets and behaviours that characterise successful students. Base Camp is all about getting comfortable with our new skills and upgrading our time management and mindset strategies. You can expect a 30 to 100% increase in efficiency, depending on your baseline and how much you are limited by mindset and time management.

Justin explains one of the best ways to study

Hipshot variation

Dr Justin teaches a variation on the Bear Hunter System that is faster and even more efficient, with step-by-step real examples.
All Study
Justin explains how to use a growth mindset in school

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Dr Justin explains these mindsets and why many students that achieve in the top 10% can struggle to achieve in the top 1% as a direct consequence.
Justin teaches how to overcome neuroticism and anxiety for studying

Neuroticism Management

Dr Justin gives you a 6-part process that helps you move away from the fear of “what if” that can hold you back from success.
Justin teaches how to create productive habits based on latest research

Creating Productive Habits

Dr Justin teaches his P.E.E.R-peer system to trick your brain into forming better habits and stop procrastination.
Time Mgmt/Growth
Justin teaches advanced time management

Time Management and Prioritisation

Dr Justin teaches his Priority 0+1 system, a method of tasks management he uses to easily and quickly prioritise time.
Time Mgmt
Justin teaches a better version to Pomodoro technique

OFF-Rest Timing

You’ll never use Pomodoro again after Dr Justin teaches you his Optimised-For-Focus rest timing system, one of his secrets for whole-day focus.
Justin teaches how to get optimal sleep

Optimal Sleep

Say goodbye to poor sleep with Dr Justin’s research-based SCRIBLED’N CO sleep checklist.

Next 1 to 2 Weeks: Camp 1

Augment your Bear Hunter System with high-efficiency rote-learning techniques and active flashcard management strategies. You can expect a 5 to 10% increase in efficiency. By the end of this stage, you will be able to memorise and recall hundreds of details effortlessly.

Justin explains how to memorise faster

Rote Learning and Memorisation

Dr Justin explains how to incorporate rote-learning into your study system and why most people who over-rely on it will never be efficient.
Justin teaches how to use flashcards correctly

Flashcard strategies

Dr Justin teaches his “rule of three” and the rarely explained, scientifically correct way to use flashcards.
Justin teaches how you can use imagery

Modified Method of Loci

Dr Justin teaches his modification to the famous method of loci memorisation technique, making it better for academic use.

Next 2 to 4 Weeks: Camp 2

Complete your studying system with advanced revision strategies and techniques that are near impossible for most other students but powerfully effective at protecting against difficult exam questions. By the end of this stage, you can expect a 20% increase in efficiency, especially regarding your exam preparation.

Advanced revision techniques by Justin

Revision for High-Level Learners

Dr Justin teaches you the principles of effective revision for students who have unlocked high-efficiency encoding through the Bear Hunter System.
Justin explains reconstruction

Reconstruction-Based Revision

Forget active recall. Dr justin teaches about reconstruction and how it is often superior to active recall based revision.
Justin teaches and adaptation of the whole-part-whole teaching strategy for revision

Whole-Part-Whole Reteaching

Dr Justin teaches WPW re-teaching, an advanced technique that turns teaching a topic into a comprehensive and efficient way to find knowledge gaps.
Justin explains master level time management techniques for students and professionals

Master-Level Time Management

Dr Justin teaches about task management, decisional delays and attention management, which allowed him to balance 90-hour weeks for years.
Time Mgmt

Final 1 Week: Summit

Nail in your exam day with test strategies and exam techniques that allow the top students to perform consistently under pressure. By now, you’re a learning machine – all that’s left is to make sure we can perform on the big day. You can expect a 5% increase in efficiency, mostly attributed to more consistent and confident exam execution.

Justin teaches the fastest way to cram


Dr Justin teaches you the best way to cram and score high marks and how it’s completely different to what most students do before exams.
Justin teaches the multi-pass study system

Multi-Pass System

Dr Justin explains a system for rapid learning that can be applied to any subject, using a combination of everything you’ve learned so far.
All Study
Justin explains exam execution

Exam Execution

In these lessons, Dr Justin teaches exam strategies for stress, focus, “silly mistakes”, sleep, diet, essays and dealing with back-to-back exams.

Your new teacher

Dr Justin Sung

Justin is a former medical doctor, certified teacher, academic author, and full-time learning coach. He is an internationally published research author, certified teacher, guest lecturer at Monash University’s Faculty of Education, and a TEDx speaker. He completed medical school while founding two businesses, publishing four journal publications, completing his tertiary teaching certification, and dancing competitively. He also completed his full-time Master of Education program in 1/20th of the recommended time while working full-time, publishing articles, and achieving a perfect GPA. 

Since 2011, Justin’s innovative, deeply research-backed methods have been taught to over 10,000 people in over 120 countries. Justin frequently trains and consults government organisations, businesses, start-up communities, student groups, and schools worldwide.

Your new teacher

Dr Justin Sung

Justin is a former medical doctor, certified teacher, academic author, and full-time learning coach. He is an internationally published research author, certified teacher, guest lecturer at Monash University’s Faculty of Education, and a TEDx speaker. He completed medical school while founding two businesses, publishing four journal publications, completing his tertiary teaching certification, and dancing competitively. He also completed his full-time Master of Education program in 1/20th of the recommended time while working full-time, publishing articles, and achieving a perfect GPA.

Since 2011, Justin’s innovative, deeply research-backed methods have been taught to over 10,000 people in over 120 countries. Justin frequently trains and consults government organisations, businesses, start-up communities, student groups, and schools worldwide.

With you every step of the way.

A new kind of online course

This isn’t your typical ‘online course’. It’s a fully immersive learning experience. The classroom has been digitized and transformed, allowing you to get a hands-on education, personalised support and community from anywhere.

Unlimited mentorship and guidance

You’re not alone. Any time you have questions, concerns or uncertainties, our mentors and coaches are right there by your side every step of the way. Within the first week of the course, you’ll have a group call with our lead mentor who will introduce you to all of the ways you can reach out for support.

Archer Newton
Catalyst Session Zoom Call Screenshot

Join live coaching sessions with Dr Justin

Jump in with other ambitious learners in an interactive 2-hour “live clinic” every month, where Dr Justin dives into crucial skills to improve your studying and time management. Hear what questions your peers are asking and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Get expert, personalised feedback

Submit your work and get detailed, personalised feedback by our team of expert coaches. You’ll never have to worry if you’re using a studying or time management technique the wrong way again!

Expert 1-on-1 feedback is available for an additional fee, exclusively to members. Non-members are not offered the opportunity for direct feedback on work. Expert 1-on-1 feedback is not included as part of the standard membership cost.

The expert review, it is so helpful. Like, beyond. Because it's just Justin telling you 1-on-1 exactly what you need to do.
Student, Australia, 16

Hi Justin, can I get feedback on the flow of the mind map and whether I need more or less info/details or nonverbal expression? Also, how can I improve the emphasis of the most important relationships for top marks in my upcoming exam?

The expert review, it is so helpful. Like, beyond. Because it's just Justin telling you 1-on-1 exactly what you need to do.
Student, Australia, 16

Ask unlimited questions, 24/7

Leave a question on any technique, on any of our course pages to receive a reply from our expert coaching team within 24 hours. Or read what kind of questions other students are asking!

Enter our private Discord community

Mix, mingle, chat and get peer feedback in our highly active members-only Discord community with hundreds of top-learners of different ages, stages and backgrounds from around the world.

I have really enjoyed my time working through this course. I am not far into the course yet but have already learnt so many valuable skills. I really like how we don't have to wait to learn the skills, we learn smaller steps of the skills on the way that we can start implementing straight away.

ICanStudy has taught me techniques that actually allow me to grasp better understanding of my subject topics so FINALLY I won't have to go back to just writing loads of long notes, that not only spent so much time, but also wasted my precious time since I didn't even remember stuff and would have to restudy again.

Results you'll want to share

See the difference in your numbers

Dr Justin has the hands-on experience of working with thousands of students 1-on-1. He knows what works and what’s just clickbait “study tips” that don’t make a difference for most students.

After 4 weeks on the course...

More confident


Report feeling more confident to achieve their academic goals.

Less procrastinating


Report less procrastination, with 59% experiencing “much less” to “none”.

More efficient


Improved their studying efficiency by at least 30%. 100% of students reported at least 5%.

After 4 months on the course...

Confidence earned


Half of our students received over 95% in their last assessment (average 98.3%).

Even less procrastinating


Report “much less” procrastination to “none”. That’s 27% more than at 4 weeks!

Much more efficient


Report that their studying efficiency has at least doubled.

Join hundreds of aspring students learning with iCanStudy

Hear why students love this course

Learn what makes this course unique and why people are raving about it.

Honestly, it was amazing how much I was able to improve after learning just a couple techniques. During the beginning stages, I was able to make steady progress in my efficiency, which terminated in a massive improvement as I learnt about the BHS and mindmapping in the ascent stages. I was also able to stave off procrastination reasonably well, which had plagued me before joining the course. It was freaky how known the knowledge felt in my head, as I was able to recall everything with near-perfect detail even a week after learning it. I can't wait to get onto the higher stages and improve my efficiency even more
Derrick Mah
Carey Baptist Grammar School, Year 12
Honestly, one of the best decisions I've made. I keep hearing "invest in your future self!" and honestly have never really felt sure whether I was doing that until I got this course. I had never taken commerce in juniors years but now in class I feel like I'm connecting the concepts so much quicker than I would have before (because of prestudy). It's very exciting to know you're improving. iCanStudy has also helped me get my life together, honestly, I feel so comfortable structuring my day.
Minqing Ning
James Ruse Agricultural High School. Year 11
I was excited to go into year 12 but didn't really have some specific plan in mind for how I should study. Fortunately I was introduced to this course and it's changed my outlook on learning from how I can jam the information into my head into how I can actually learn and connect information. Just the first two units alone have helped me save 30-50 hours of learning within the last few weeks of school holidays.
Joel Siaw
Nossal High School, Year 12
Before I got ICS, I didn't really have a study method. I remember in grade 7 up to end of term 3 grade 11, I was proud of myself just re-writing and 'photocopying' my notebooks and thought it was really effective. But this ICS course has made me realised I was just a well in a frog, that was about to die. Thanks for saving me! I just wonder how much struggle and repetition of Kolbs Cycle Justin had to go through, and the persistence... it is beyond what I can possibly imagine.
Andy Jeong
Mansfield State High School, Year 11
Man, this course has helped me so much. I went from stressing so much due to my extremely high expectations of myself and not actually knowing how to study properly which lead to a lot of procrastination to actually knowing how to study, schedule and minimise procrastination. Massive thanks to the supportive community here too btw!
Luke Banwell
Golden Grove High School, Year 12
Before starting this course, I honestly had no idea how to study. It was either just me on my phone, hoping for the best on the day of the test, or me copying how all my friends took notes and made flashcards to feel as if I was somewhat studying. Although I was a high-achieving student at school, I knew that what I was doing did not seem right - after all, I cannot be doing this in Uni which will be far more difficult than year 11 and 12. And then this opportunity came and it was the best decision of my life. Even though I'm not even halfway into the course, I've found a way to study that actually works for me, and I can now see that from where I was at the start, I have significantly improved my retention of content and I always feel so excited to go to school. Most importantly, I hardly procrastinate! I've had so much time to do the things I love, such as being the leader of school clubs, volunteering, dancing... the list goes on. Saying this once isn't enough but... thank you Justin and the whole iCanStudy team!! I am eager to see what more this course will bring.
Sahana Rudresh
Nossal High School, Year 10
I'll admit- before I started ICS I had my doubts about whether it was worth the money/time invested and could instead use that time for studying. Now however, I realise that ICS is incredibly helpful for learning, with by far the best thing about it is the almost complete reduction of procrastination. I didn't think I was doing too badly in terms of studying, however ICS has made me become ridiculously more efficient with studying and I'm incredibly grateful to Justin and the team.
George Bartley
Prince Alfred College, Year 11
Enrolling in iCanStudy has truly been one of the best decisions I ever made. Going into my first year of VCE, I was filled with anxiety and constant stress. I am so grateful to the people in iCanStudy who have helped me improve drastically over the past few months and who will continue to guide me along my iCanStudy journey. Not only do I rarely procrastinate, am able to recall information and have more time to do the things I love, I am also starting to enjoy studying and am looking forward to class at school. It was hard to adopt some methods at first, however, they all proved to be extremely useful and I can't wait to develop even further!
Chau Dang
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Year 11
I've been in this course for about 3 weeks now and the transformation of my study skills has been tremendous. Nowadays, I'm in class taking effective notes and actively learning in class whereas the people around me are just highlighting their textbook or making documents of notes, which really makes you feel special. I have learnt so much to this point and there is still so much more to learn.
Gurman Gill
Hume Anglican Grammar, Year 11
So far the course has been super helpful. It has definitely been a process trying to unlearn all of the inefficient techniques I have been using and realising that continuous flashcard dependency is hurting me more than helping. So far using the BEDS M, I have managed to gain more control over procrastination and honestly, as you make you're way through the course, it becomes such a distant possibility to ever quit because the level of progression you see within not just studying, but honestly everything is insane. Honestly, I have scoured YouTube looking for productivity fixes but the information in this course I have seen nowhere else and I highly recommend it! And I have just finished the second level with 7 more to go! So there is more to gain and a lot more to learn!
Zaynah Ahmed
Old Swinford Hospital School, Year 13
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The growth phase focuses on building our unique “Bear Hunter System”; a high-efficiency encoding system that can be applied to any knowledge domain. In these stages, you will learn the system, as well as auxiliary perspectives, mindsets and time management techniques. The techniques in this phase are powerful at transforming at your learning, but have longer mastery times. They build directly on the techniques taught in the High-Yield Phase. Get access to the 100+ lessons that take your learning to the next level.

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Submit your work and receive personalised, targeted feedback on exactly what you are doing right and wrong. Eliminate any uncertainty with your technique, whether it’s for study techniques, time management, anti-procrastination strategies or mindset strategies. Ultra-targeted and accurate feedback at this level can easily save you weeks or months of wasted trial-and-error.

*Due to the high time requirement for individualised, 1-on-1 feedback, this is not standardly included in the membership cost. Members are able to access this for a small additional fee.

Ask our expert coaching team questions at any time on any technique we teach through the program or any difficulty you face on your journey.

Share key learnings and help each other on the path to achieving a top 1% result. Discuss your experiences, discover critical issues, share breakthroughs, provide suggestions, and positively influence each other in our international community of over 10,000 students from over 120 countries!

To work on something, you need to know about it. Become your brain’s own mechanic with our range of self-diagnostic quizzes and tools. Monitor your progress in developing a positive mindset, active learning, deep processing, revision ability and neuroticism management.

Kick things off with our 30-Day Rapid Start Program!

Our 30-day Rapid Start Program is designed to fast-track your improvement. If you feel like the course isn’t helping you achieve your goals, get a full refund! Just let us know before your 30 days is up.

Kick things off with our 30-Day Rapid Start Program!

Our 30-day Rapid Start Program is designed to fast-track your improvement. If you feel like the course isn’t helping you achieve your goals, get a full refund! Just let us know before your 30 days is up.

Unsure if our membership is for you?

Watch our free webinar, where Dr Justin explains how the course works and who the course is most suitable for.

“Learning isn’t magic. It’s a skill that can be trained, like playing a sport or an instrument. And training yourself to learn efficiently transforms your life and the opportunities you can reach.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The course is designed for students of any level, whether you’re a high school student looking to take back control of your grades, a university student wanting more time, or a professional looking to accelerate your skill acquisition and learning.

The course is specifically tailored for students who value proven methods and creating bulletproof systems to make learning fun, easy and more powerful than ever before.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself with other like-minded students who have already taken steps to adopt the ultimate study system, develop study skills proven to bring results, and increase your academic performance by studying less, this course is for you.

This course is not for those looking for a quick fix or magic solution. You will need to work diligently to receive the benefits. Rushing through the course will not produce effective results. If you are not in the mindset to put in diligent effort and apply yourself over time, please do not join the course. It will not be suitable for you.

We know that life is busy - particularly for students. This is why the course is designed to be manageable for even the busiest of students. The results that we see are based on students only committing 20 minutes a day (or every two or three days in some cases) - something achievable for practically everyone.

We’ve designed the course to fit into almost anyone’s busy schedule, so you can easily immerse yourself in the learning process.

We recommend beginning as early as you can as the benefits of learning these skills compound exponentially over time. We see any delay in getting started as missed growth.

The course is designed for the busiest of students out there. This means that you can work through the course at your own pace and we recommend only 20 minutes a day. This is the average pace our busy students take through the course to achieve a boost of 30% efficiency after 4 weeks.

Though starting earlier is better (around 9 to 12 months prior to any important tests or exams), it is still reasonable to expect improvements if you start as late as 1 month before a test. The improvements will obviously be less than if you had started earlier.

If your test or exam is in less than 1 month, there is probably not enough time, but you should at least avoid making the same mistakes for the next test!

It depends.

The course addresses each aspect of developing a bulletproof study system (procrastination, time management, note-taking, exam revision strategy, retention, etc.). We’ve designed this course to develop each of these in very close proximity, so you don’t neglect any aspects of your learning.

On average, our results show that our students become 30% more efficient after 4 weeks and 60% to 90% more efficient after 4 months.

Our recommended subscription for most students (and the most popular) is the 4-month subscription. However, most students will upgrade to an annual after tasting their improvements from just the first month.

If you know you are very serious about your academic and time management skills, even before signing up, the annual will be more appropriate for you.

Our techniques are backed in four different ways - a claim that very few others can make:

  1. The techniques are based on up-to-date research, unlike the overwhelmingly vast majority of techniques taught by many others.
  2. All techniques have been extensively "field-tested" by thousands of students since 2014, who have achieved impressive results.
  3. We have hundreds of students currently using and backing up these techniques to receive equally impressive results. Right now, one of our students is studying with our techniques while you are reading this.
  4. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. 

If you're unsure about whether this course will help you to achieve your goals, please check out this article which can assess your situation and give you an opinion on how suited the course is for your level and goals.

Not at all! While Dr Justin presents like the teacher that always wished you had, the feedback and community are integral parts of the learning experience.

By focusing on the content 20 minutes a day, you can watch 1 video and already learn a new technique to take into your study. In fact, most of your learning occurs through applying these techniques within your study, which isn’t a problem for most students.

Having access to 24/7 feedback from teaching staff and a community of like-minded students provide unlimited opportunities for learning. These learning opportunities mean you can save hundreds of frustrating hours trying to figure it out on your own when someone else has already seen your issue before and knows the exact solution you need.

Honestly, we do not understand why these highly effective study systems and techniques are not taught at school. We are not taught how to effectively learn and even the teaching that is provided is years behind the research at all times. One possible reason is that they require proper training and guidance to master, unlike active recall which can be used near instantly with no practice. 

Knowing how crucial and game-changing these techniques are for our students, our mission is to globalise this knowledge and fill in the gap given by the education system.

No, we have students ranging from year 7 to professional business managers to surgical residents who are learning these techniques to advance their learning efficiency.

However, for high school students, we have specifically dissected each of the techniques and applied them to each of your subjects for each Australian and New Zealand curricula so that you know exactly what to do.

Yes. This is one of the most important aspects of accelerating your skill growth.

You begin the course by filling out highly specific questions in the diagnostics quiz. This will identify the particular weaknesses you have and the areas to focus on in the beginning.

Throughout each stage of the course, we will give more targeted quizzes that will allow you to track your progress, and moreover, we will teach you activities and processes to track your progress day-to-day to ensure you’re hitting your goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Yes, in more ways than one.

iCanStudy takes a step up from tutoring so that you can learn and master the skills required to create an extraordinary assignment from the beginning. Instead of always drafting students' work we teach you everything that goes into planning and creating the perfect assignment response.

This means that, soon enough, your work will be of such high quality that you don't even need help. Rather, students will be asking you for help instead!

We know from experience that having your work drafted does not teach you the adequate skills to improve your writing fast enough to keep up with the increasing challenges of the academic years ahead, so we focus on teaching you what’s most important.

Still have questions? Chat with us and we’ll sort you out.

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