Before you enrol...

This is a cognitive skills training program, not an online course.

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Online courses are usually about giving you information. All that's necessary is for you to do lessons and understand the material.

Cognitive skills training is about teaching you a practical skill. On top of completing lessons and understanding, most of your improvements will come from practice and feedback.

Our program provides you with:

  1. Theory and techniques
  2. Guidelines for practising
  3. Methods of receiving feedback on your work
  4. Various methods and activities to help you learn how to problem-solve technique issues

This is important for multiple reasons:

  1. Cognitive skills training cannot be rushed or crammed (it's biologically impossible!) It takes time to unlearn old habits and retrain new habits. Sometimes this can take weeks or months.
  2. Theory alone is not enough. Expect to learn new things online, but spend lots of time offline applying what you've learned.
  3. The program is sequential. Over several years, we've found that to learn our methods correctly, you have to follow a certain sequence of skill development.
  4. The program is time-gated*. The minimum possible time to complete all of the lessons is 49 days. We lock progress when we see that you might be going through lessons too quickly. Note that our time-gating is extremely generous, and 49 days is still incredibly fast. On average, even our most experienced learners take over 150 days!
*After evaluating the experiences of several thousand learners, we identified that over 99% of those who were unsuccessful at learning the skills or had a bad experience had attempted to complete the program too quickly. Time-gating helps protect our reputation and reminds learners to do less cramming and more real-world practice and feedback. Time-gating is a temporary solution, and we are currently building novel technology that allows skill-based gating rather than time-based. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your experience!

You can typically notice improvements in any of the following after 1 to 2 weeks of progress through the program (assuming you follow our instructions diligently):

  • Motivation
  • Time management and overall productivity
  • Depth of understanding after learning new information
  • Confidence in learning
  • Enjoyment of learning

You can expect to continue to see consistent improvements every week for approximately 2 to 3 months. After this point, improvements are likely to slow, and you may only see noticeable changes every 2 to 3 weeks (depending on the level of practice and feedback).

If you do not notice improvements in the first two weeks, please contact our support and coaching team to help you review your methods. We're here to help, but only if you let us know!

We've designed the program so that the very first stages are full of techniques that give you immediate improvements without much training. If you have a test or exam coming up in less than 6 weeks, we strongly recommend that you work on mastering the earlier set of techniques rather than attempting to learn the later, more complex techniques.

Learning the complex techniques takes weeks (or even months for some), so it is unlikely that you will see any benefit before your upcoming test or exam. In most cases, it makes things worse because it takes time away from using more appropriate techniques that give immediate results.

Once your imminent assessments are over, you can continue to learn the later techniques at a more realistic pace (and with less stress!)

We want to make sure you know what to expect! If you haven’t already, we recommend you read the following links to understand how our program works:

You can also use our interactive Practice Predictor tool to help estimate how much time you will need to commit to get value out of our program.

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