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Join iCanStudy Student Advisors, Ray and Archer, in our upcoming free, purely educational webinar to learn the core ingredients to hyper-efficient learning (scientifically-proven, of course!) to drastically improve your study outcomes to top your next exams.

Please note that this webinar will not be teaching “fast hacks” or “quick tips”. These kinds of tips are rarely enough to make a significant difference. Instead, we will be working through the first steps toward creating long-term, sustainable change. Furthermore, these strategies are not a walk in the park. Learning to apply these skills will take diligence and effort over time. It does not make hard work unnecessary, but instead reduces wasted effort through careful optimisation of cognitive pathways.

All of our advice is supported by research where available, and backed up by our experience. We will clearly communicate which parts of the techniques are based on research, experience, or both.


There will also be time for Q&A throughout the webinar and we encourage you to ask lots of questions and clarify any scepticism. You may wish to have some questions prepared before attending the webinar.


Ray Cho
iCanStudy Student Advisor

Ray is an iCanStudy educational advisor who has dedicated the past 3 years working closely with thousands of high school and university students across Australasia. He specialises in helping students develop and optimise study techniques to achieve top scores across a range of academic subjects.

Ray has presented in over 100 physical workshops and webinars to schools and institutions to promote more effective and efficient learning strategies, assisting hard-working students with transitioning their time and effort into tangible results. Every day, he talks to students and parents about the dangers of learning misconceptions, the harm in adopting incorrect study methods and the impact they can have on student morale and results.

His webinar mission is to expose why most common study habits amongst students (often non-evidence-based) fail to achieve ideal learning outcomes and provide you with alternative methods designed to convert every ounce of effort into superior results.

Archer Newton
iCanStudy Coach and Nationally Top 0.1% Student

Archer is a medical student at Flinder’s University since 2020. In 2017, he was awarded dux at his school for ranking first place across his assessments, and upon further honing his study skills, he achieved dux in 2018 and 2019 also. In year 11 of high school, he simultaneously completed 4 year 12 subjects alongside all of his year 11 subjects. In his final year of high school, he completed 9 subjects when only 5 were required to graduate, as well as simultaneously completing 2 university papers on software engineering, achieving High Distinction in both papers and A+ in all 9 final-year subjects. At the end of this year, he received a 99.95 ATAR, the highest possible ranking, equivalent to achieving in approximately the top 0.05% of students nationwide; was awarded 4 Merits, only given to the highest achieving students in the state; one of 26 Governor of South Australia Commendation Awards; The Caltex Best All Rounder Award; the ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award; and was accepted into three medical schools. He maintained a 100 GPA during his final year of high school (the highest possible score), as well as founding and managing 2 businesses, playing in multiple school bands, and maintaining a substantial social life. Since graduating, Archer has spent most of his time (while going through medical school), learning to become an educator and teaching other students how to achieve similar results. Joining the iCanStudy team in early 2020, Archer has undergone significant ongoing training with Dr Justin, allowing him to achieve a perfect 7.0/7.0 GPA during all of his university studies, making him a recipient of two consecutive Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation, while working full-time in iCanStudy. Archer completed an extended training program across 1 year with Dr Justin, provided mentoring to over 2000 students as a level 1 coach, passed supervised coaching practice for 6 months, and passed the level 2 coach assessment in mid-2022 to be formally given the title of level 2 coach.

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